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In recent times, there has been a noticeable increase in table minimums for roulette at casinos across the Las Vegas Strip. $5 tables, once a common sight, have been replaced by tables with $10, $15, or even $25 as the new baseline. To make matters worse, many of these tables now feature the triple-zero variant of the game, which increases the house edge. In this article, we will outline a list of casinos that offer low minimums, and consequently, the cheapest roulette in Las Vegas.

It’s important to note that minimum bets are generally lower mid-week or early in the morning when demand is light. Additionally, stepping away from “touristy” areas like the Strip and Fremont Street can lead to cheaper live roulette options. However, be aware that casinos frequently adjust minimum bets and limits on table games, so it’s always a good idea to double-check with the property before stopping in to avoid surprises.

Cheap Roulette On (And Near) The Las Vegas Strip

Although it’s nearly impossible to find live $5 roulette on the Strip, there are nearby options if you’re willing to walk or take a cheap ride.


The OYO resort, previously known as Hooters, offers daily roulette with a $5 minimum. Located behind the Tropicana and MGM Grand, it’s a short walk from the Strip and worth the effort for those looking to stretch their dollar. OYO also features a popular $1 blackjack game daily.

Ellis Island

Ellis Island typically has minimums set at $10, although it can occasionally drop to $5. It is a 10-minute walk behind the Horseshoe and usually offers both $5 craps and blackjack, making it a money-saving alternative compared to games on the Strip.

Cheap Roulette Downtown Las Vegas

Currently, no downtown Las Vegas casinos offer roulette minimums below $5. However, $5 tables can be found during non-peak times at casinos like El Cortez, Main Street Station, California, and Downtown Grand. It’s worth noting that the Downtown Grand always plays $1 and $5 blackjack and often offers $5 roulette and craps during off-peak times. Plaza Casino offers a favorable one-zero game, with a minimum bet that is usually $10. While this isn’t the cheapest table, it offers a better chance of winning.

Cheap Roulette Away From the Strip

Venturing away from the Strip and Downtown into the locals market makes it much easier to find $5 or even sub-$5 roulette games. Jerry’s Nugget, South Point, and The Orleans are good bets to find a $5 or cheaper roulette game.

Notable Alternatives to Finding Low Roulette Minimums

Electronic Games

Most Las Vegas casinos now offer electronic roulette games with lower minimums than traditional tables. These electronic games either mechanically spin a real ball in a traditional wheel under glass or rely on a random number generator to produce results. If you’re looking for cheap roulette on the Strip, electronic games might be a good option.

Stadium Roulette Games

An increasing number of resorts are adopting stadium-style gaming, which allows one dealer to facilitate a game for many players. The dealer spins a ball like on a traditional table, but players place their bets on individual betting screens. Although stadium roulette games don’t provide the same experience as sitting at the felt, they often offer lower minimums than traditional counterparts.

Online Roulette

In addition, because of the convenience of online, roulette is becoming increasingly popular. Play right from your living room and pick from an assortment of roulette styles—Lightning Roulette included—that come with varying minimum stakes tailored to your budget. To sweeten the deal, many online platforms dish out promotional offers and bonuses, elevating your gaming experience. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to conduct due diligence: opt for trustworthy online casinos and educate yourself about the legal guidelines that pertain to online gambling in your jurisdiction.


While the days of $5 roulette tables on the Las Vegas Strip seem to be a thing of the past, there are still options for those seeking cheap roulette in Vegas. From the OYO and Ellis Island near the Strip to downtown options like El Cortez and Plaza, and local spots like Jerry’s Nugget, South Point, and The Orleans, there are still places to find low minimums. Additionally, electronic and stadium roulette games offer alternative options with lower minimums. And for those who prefer to play from home, the game online offers a convenient and budget-friendly option. Be sure to double-check with the casino before visiting to avoid any surprises and enjoy your time playing in Vegas.

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