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Roulette, often referred to as the “Queen of casinos,” is a game that every gambler is familiar with. Whether you are a fan of slot machines, poker, blackjack, or baccarat, chances are you have placed a bet on red/black or tried to predict when the zero would fall at some point.

While online casinos have seen a surge in popularity, roulette, including Instant Roulette, has managed to maintain its charm. Software developers continue to create new virtual roulettes, and operators entice customers with various promotions.

Understanding Roulette Tournaments

Roulette tournaments differ from regular casino games as players usually compete against the casino. However, in tournaments, players compete against each other to achieve the best results and win prizes. Success in these events requires a sound knowledge of the game and an optimal strategy.

Types of Roulette Tournaments in 2023

Organizers of the tournaments may set specific rules and conditions, as there are no regulatory requirements for promotions. This means they can have unique terms or offer unexpected opportunities, making it challenging to create a single classification system.

However, some common parameters can be used to classify them.

  • Structure: How many stages are there in the event?
  • Entry fee: Is it paid or free?
  • Add-ons: Can extra credits be purchased?
  • Duration: How long does the contest last?
  • Scale: Is it held in one or multiple casinos?
  • Prizes: What is the total prize pool?
  • Game units: Does the pool consist of money, bonuses, valuable rewards, comp points, or other awards?
  • Types of bets: What bets are allowed during the tournament?
  • Picking the winners: How are winners determined?
  • Distribution of the prize fund: How are the payouts shared among the winners?
  • Games: What types of roulette are involved in the tournament?
  • Access: Is the event open to everyone or only VIP customers?
  • Range of bets: What are the betting limits?

It is crucial to thoroughly read the tournament rules and ask customer service representatives any questions you may have. It is better to clarify doubts than to lose money due to misunderstandings.

Participating in Live Roulette Tournaments

Most online casinos offering live dealer games also host live roulette tournaments. The terms and conditions of these events are usually detailed on the official website’s tournament page.

Essential Tips for Roulette Tournament Participants in 2023

While specific recommendations for winning vary for each event, here are some general tips from professional players.

  1. Choose games and bets with the highest RTP if the promotion involves multiple types of roulette.
  2. Avoid being overly aggressive at the start, as many players who do so exit the race early.
  3. Manage your bankroll carefully and set your bets strategically.
  4. Monitor your opponents’ results, which are usually displayed on an interactive table.
  5. Adapt your strategy according to the situation. Towards the end of the event, you may need to go all in or play conservatively to maintain your position.
  6. Avoid using popular betting algorithms like the martingale system in tournaments, as a pre-determined and flexible strategy is essential.
  7. Be cautious in free tournaments, as you usually play with your own money.


Roulette tournaments offer an exciting way to enjoy your favorite game while competing for a share of a potentially substantial prize fund. Remember to carefully read the rules, ask questions if needed, and develop a flexible strategy to maximize your chances of success. Happy playing!

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