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Gold Bar Roulette Live is the latest addition to Evolution’s impressive roulette collection, offering players increased control, entertainment, and rewards. This game is poised to be a bigger sensation than XXXtreme Lightning Roulette and has already captivated players since its release.

An Introduction to Evolution Gold Bar Roulette Live

📝 Software: Evolution
💰 Type: Live Roulette Game
✔️ Racetrack 97.10%
✔️ Volatility High
❌ Autoplay No
✔️ Mobile Yes
⭐ Special Feature Yes

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What Makes Gold Bar Roulette Unique?

Gold Bar Roulette takes traditional live roulette gameplay and elevates it with the addition of gold bars and multipliers, creating an exciting and dynamic experience. This innovative concept allows players to win multiple gold bars on a single game round, along with the chance of hitting an 88x multiplier on their straight-up bets.

One of the most exciting aspects ois the chance to win big on a single game round. This means that players have the opportunity to accumulate a significant amount of wealth in a relatively short period of time. In addition to this, players also have a chance to hit an 88x multiplier on their straight-up bets, which can significantly increase their winnings.

Another great feature is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for players to get started and enjoy the game.

The Evolution Gaming Experience

Evolution Gaming, a renowned live casino game developer, has crafted a unique live roulette game that combines the thrill of the roulette wheel with the allure of gold bars and multipliers. Their impeccable gameplay, high-quality streaming, and professional live dealers make this Evolution Game a must-try live gambling game.

Lightning Roulette vs. Gold Bar Roulette

While Lightning and Gold Bar Roulette are both popular Evolution live roulette games, the latter stands out due to its exclusive betting system. In contrast, Lightning Roulette offers random multiplier payouts, which can be exciting but may not be as strategically appealing as Gold Bar Roulette’s unique mechanics.

How to Play Gold Bar Roulette

How to Play Gold Bar Roulette


The rules of this game are simple and easy to pick up for players familiar with European Roulette. The key difference lies in the addition of gold bar bets and multipliers that can ramp up the excitement and payouts. Straight-up bets are placed with gold bars, and once the roulette wheel stops, a vault opens to reveal the potential multiplier value.

Placing Bets and Understanding Payouts

Players can place bets on the roulette table as usual, along with bar bets consisting of gold bars. Payouts depend on the type of bet made and the number of gold bars landed on the roulette wheel. Straight-up bets, for example, can earn up to an 88x payout if the gold bar value is at its maximum.

List of other betting options, and their payouts:

  • 1Gold Bar: 88x
  • Split : 17:1
  • Street : 11:1
  • Corner: 8:1
  • Low/High: 1:1
  • Line: 5:1
  • Dozen/Column: 2:1
  • Red/Black: 1:1
  • Even/Odd: 1:1
  • Straight Up: 24:1

Winning Gold Bars and Multipliers

As the game progresses, the gold bar balance increases, giving players the opportunity to win even more. Winning gold bars and multipliers is central to this live roulette game, with the chance to stack multiple on the same bet, increasing the potential payouts and excitement.

Strategy: Tips for Boosting Your Odds

Strategy for How Gold Bar Roulette

Utilizing Gold Bar Multipliers

To truly maximize your winning potential and increase your profits, it’s important to utilize gold bar multipliers effectively. This means taking the time to analyze the table and carefully placing your bets in a strategic manner. By doing so, you can increase your chances of hitting those high multipliers that can really make a difference in your overall earnings. Additionally, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest trends and strategies. This might mean reading up on the topic, attending relevant events or webinars, or even consulting with other experienced players. By investing time and energy into learning about gold bar multipliers and how to use them to your advantage, you can take your gaming to the next level and unlock even greater opportunities for success.

Gold Bar Roulette Strategies

When it comes to Gold Bar Roulette, players are presented with a unique twist on the traditional European Roulette game. While the basic strategies of European Roulette can still be applied, the introduction of new bets and multipliers requires that players adapt their approach in order to maximize their chances of success.

One key strategy is to focus on maximizing your gold bar multipliers. By doing so, players can potentially increase their winnings substantially.

Another important factor is the added excitement and unpredictability of the game. With new bets and multipliers, there are more opportunities to win big, but also more opportunities to lose. As such, players should take a more cautious approach and carefully consider their bets before placing them.

Managing Your Bankroll Effectively

As with any casino game, effectively managing your bankroll is crucial to maximizing profits and minimizing losses. By setting limits and allocating a certain amount of funds for bets, players can increase their chances of leaving the live casino game with a profit and plenty of gold bars to show for it.

Playing at Live Casinos

Finding the Best Live Casino

To enjoy the ultimate Live Roulette experience, selecting the right live casino is essential. Reputable online casinos featuring Evolution Gaming titles generally offer this thrilling live roulette game. Make sure to look out for casinos with excellent customer support, fast withdrawals, and a wide variety of live games.

Take Advantage of Promotions and Bonuses

Many live casinos offer exclusive promotions and bonuses for their players, which can help extend your bankroll and give you more chances to play Live. Keep an eye out for these opportunities to maximize your gaming potential.

Mobile Gaming

Evolution Gaming has optimized this Roulette for mobile gameplay, allowing players to enjoy this live roulette game on their smartphones or tablets. This ensures that you can take the excitement of betting with you wherever you go.

Final Game Review

Gold Bar Roulette Rules

Pros and Cons

This game boasts unique features and an engaging gameplay experience, but there are a few drawbacks. While the betting system is exciting, it may not be to everyone’s taste. Additionally, the game can be volatile, making it essential to manage your bankroll effectively.

Comparing to Other Evolution Games

Compared to other Evolution live roulette games, Gold Bar Roulette stands out with its distinctive betting system and potential for high multipliers. While games like Roulette Lightning maintain a level of excitement and unpredictability, Roulette provides a more strategic gameplay experience centered around the use of gold bars.


How do I play gold bar roulette live in Evolution Gaming live casinos?

To play roulette live, you must first find an Evolution casino that offers the game. Once you've joined the casino and funded your account, navigate to the live dealer game section, find live dealer table, and use your gold bars to place bets on the roulette game. The gameplay follows American or European roulette rules.

What is the rule for using gold bars?

You can use gold bars in place of standard chips on the roulette table. To place a bet using gold bars, simply place them on the bet spot of your choice, following standard roulette rules. You can use a one or multiple bars for each bet, with each gold bar offering a different potential payout. They are valid for 180 days and can be used on any Evolution live gambling game, but are most commonly used in gold bar roulette.

Are there different bets and payouts in this type of roulette compared to traditional roulette games?

This game allows players to place their normal roulette bets, such as on a single number or combination of numbers. The difference lies in the use of gold bars as a betting option. A straight-up bet using a single gold bar is worth 88x the standard payout, while using x gold bars for a bet increases the potential winnings. They are limited in number, so you cannot place more than the amount available.

How many gold bars can I use for the roulette game?

The number you can use in a round varies. Some versions of the game may allow you to use up to 20 in a single round, but individual casinos may have limits on how many bars can be used for each bet. Check with the specific evolution live casino for their exact rules and limits on usage.

Can I place more than one gold bar on a bet?

Yes, you can place more than one on a bet if the game allows it and if you have enough in your account. The more gold bars used to place a bet, the larger the potential payout. However, it's important to remember that they have a lifetime of 180 days and cannot be used past that time.

Where can I find more information on roulette rules, bets, and payouts?

Gold bar roulette is based on European roulette rules, with some American roulette variations available. To learn more about specific roulette bets, rules, and payouts, consult the game information and help sections within the live dealer game or consult the casino's own resources and FAQs. Additionally, many websites and forums offer general roulette game information and strategy tips for a more comprehensive understanding.

Are Evolution Gaming's gold bar roulette and lightning roulette games available on all online live casinos?

Gold bar roulette and lightning roulette, as well as xxxtreme lightning roulette, are Evolution Gaming creations. While these games are widely available at many online live casinos, not all casinos may offer every variant. It's essential to verify the availability of specific games at Evolution casinos and research any relevant promotions, bonuses, or special offers before joining and playing.

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