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Enjoy the thrill of advanced RNG gameplay and world-class live Roulette with this exhilarating, lightning fast crypto roulette! No app download is necessary since it is cross-compatible across all devices. Plus, you can enhance your winning chances to astronomical levels by taking advantage of the lucky numbers feature making every second count when spinning that wheel!

Bitcoin Live Casino

Bitcoin Live Casino

Bitcoin Lightning Roulette Rules

If you’re new to Roulette and want to experience the rewards it has to offer, here’s how to begin. Firstly, all standard Roulette rules are applicable. Therefore, your wagers can be placed in either the ‘inside section’ or ‘outside section’. After joining a roulette table and obtaining a chip of your choice (which will stay with you throughout the game), you may select its value for betting on any number or combination of numbers. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Bet wisely, and you can reap the rewards! Winning a wager will grant you not just your original stake but also an added payout. With its familiarity to other versions of Roulette, Lightning Roulette is simple to understand: it’s almost identical in rules; Lucky Numbers and racetrack for neighbor bets are simply bonus features that make this game all the more thrilling.

How do the Lightning Strikes and Multipliers Work in the Game?

Lightning Strikes and Multipliers play an important part in the game of Lightning Roulette Bitcoin. When the ball is about to be put into the spinning wheel, lightning strikes may randomly appear on up to five of the numbered fields. Each strike can bring with them a multiplier of between 50x and 500x. This means that if you have placed a bet on any of the struck numbers, then your winnings will be multiplied by the multiplier. For example, if you had bet 10 BTC and it lands on a 500x multiplier, your payout would be 5000 BTC!

How is Lightning Roulette Different from Regular Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is different from regular Roulette in that it has a much faster pace and more exciting features. Unlike the traditional version, Lightning Roulette Bitcoin allows players to take advantage of its advanced Random Number Generator (RNG) technology which ensures a truly random outcome every time. Additionally, it offers up to five lucky numbers that can be used to increase one’s chances of winning. Furthermore, the lightning strike multipliers can help you take home a massive sum as long as your bet hits the lucky number. Finally, it is also available across all devices and no app download is necessary which makes playing this classic game even more convenient!

Lightning Roulette Bitcoin

Lightning Roulette Bitcoin

Bitcoin Lightning Roulette Deposit and Withdrawal

Bitcoin Lightning Roulette is the perfect way to experience the thrill and excitement of Roulette with the convenience of using Bitcoin. For those looking to enjoy this fast-paced crypto Roulette game, here is a brief guide on how to make deposits and withdraw money.

Before making any deposits or withdrawals, players must first create an account with the online casino. Once the account is registered and verified, players can proceed to make deposits using Bitcoin or other accepted cryptocurrencies. After making a deposit, it should reflect almost immediately in your account.

When you’re ready to receive your funds, just pick the ‘Withdraw’ option and enter the sum that you desire. Additionally, certain personal identification paperwork may be mandatory in order to meet casino safety protocols. The withdrawal procedure can take anywhere between a few hours and multiple days depending on which payment method is selected.

Lightning Roulette Bitcoin chances of winning

Many players worry if Lightning Roulette is fixed and whether it can be entirely dependable. It’s highly unlikely that the game has been tampered with, as there is only one available tabletop provided by Evolution Gaming which all casinos have access to. If the game was rigged, then every casino would experience difficulties – something we certainly don’t witness! This lends us assurance that this thrilling roulette variant offers a fair chance of winning for everyone involved.

With an RTP of 97.10%, Lightning Roulette is a thrilling game that holds only 2.90% for the house edge, resulting in an expected loss of $2.90 per each hundred dollars wagered – making it one of the most lucrative casino games around! Placing a Straight-Up bet on a single number yields minimal chances to win but also brings with it some big potential rewards should luck be on your side; after all, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to become richer overnight? So if you’re ready to test your good fortune and make some serious money while having fun, this is definitely the way to go!


Lightning Roulette for Bitcoin is an incredibly exciting game that offers the chance to win big rewards. With its advanced Random Number Generator (RNG) technology, lightning strike multipliers and high Return-to-Player rate of 97.10%, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing this thrilling crypto roulette variant when they play online. Plus, with easy deposits and withdrawals using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, playing Lightning Roulette has never been easier or more convenient! So if you’re ready to have some fun while winning serious money at the same time, then what are you waiting for? Give Lightning Roulette a try today – your luck might just be in!


How do you play Bitcoin Lightning Roulette?

Playing Bitcoin Lightning Roulette is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is select a bet amount, pick a number, or choose a group of numbers. You can also click on the racetrack menu to pick from several special bets such as Neighbours or Voisins du Zero. Once you’ve made your selection, click ‘Spin’ and wait for the lightning strikes to hit. You can also use Auto-Play if you prefer a more hands-off approach.

Can I withdraw my winnings using Bitcoin?

Yes, you can easily make withdrawals using Bitcoin or any other accepted cryptocurrency at the casino. However, keep in mind that some ID and documentation may be required in order to meet safety protocols. Depending on the payment method selected, it can take anywhere between a few hours and multiple days for the withdrawal procedure to complete.

What is the RTP for Lightning Roulette?

The RTP for Lightning Roulette is highly impressive, standing at 97.10%. This means that the house edge is just 2.90%, resulting in an expected loss of only $2.90 per each hundred dollars wagered. This makes it one of the most lucrative casino games around, as players have a great chance to win big rewards!

Is the racetrack neighbor bet the same as the inside or outside bet in lightning roulette?

What are the odds on Lightning Roulette?

The odds on Lightning Roulette depend greatly on the type of bet placed. For example, Straight-Up bets have a much lower chance of being successful due to the low probability of hitting a single number. However, this also means that Straight-Up bets offer the potential for huge payouts when they do hit. On the other hand, Outside Bets such as Red/Black, Evens/Odds or Low/High have a much higher chance of success and lower winnings when they do hit.

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