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Introducing the product of Evolution Lightning Roulette, a game that rejuvenates the online roulette scene by infusing classic gameplay with innovative features for heightened excitement and rewards. Developed by Evolution Gaming, a leader in live casino technology, it combines traditional roulette with RNG elements, offering a fresh take that appeals globally. This review will cover its mechanics, unique attributes, and distinctions traditional roulette.

تاريخ الشركة والمعلومات

Founded in 2006, Evolution Gaming quickly ascended to a leadership position within the live casino gaming sphere, distinguished by its unwavering dedication to pioneering solutions and superior quality. Its innovation and excellence have been recognized with the EGR Live Casino Supplier of the Year award for a remarkable eleven consecutive years. Initially based in Sweden, Evolution has broadened its influence globally, establishing a presence in multiple countries such as Malta, Georgia, and the USA, thereby underscoring its pivotal role in advancing the live casino gaming industry.

Evolution Roulette: Discover the Thrilling World of Live Gaming

Evolution leads the live casino entertainment industry, especially known for its dynamic roulette experiences. It is not just Lightning Roulette software provider, but offers a variety of games designed to suit players’ preferences using different languages, styles and speeds. Evolution combines the classic charm of roulette with the benefits of online play, offering engaging views through innovative camera angles and professional croupiers. These games are designed to be accessible across devices, ensuring a seamless experience for players on tablets, smartphones, and computers, including using the Lightning Roulette App.

📝 جميع ألعاب الروليت25+
🏆 أفضل الروليتLightning Roulette
🤵Live Roulette20+
⭐ Best EvolutionLive RouletteLightning Roulette
✔️ أفضل موقع للروليتBet365
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جميع Evolution Online Roulette Games

ما هي أشهر ألعاب Evolution Roulette المتاحة؟

ها هي القائمة الكاملة:

تطور لعبة الروليتالقطاعات الصفريةالرهان الأدنىماكس الرهانمتواجد في
First Person1$0.50$5000BET365
First Person American2$1$5000توتو
First Person Lightning1$0.20$500Betway
Lightning Roulette1$0.20$10,000BET365
XXXTreme Lightning Roulette1$0.20$5000William Hill
Immersive1$1$10,000William Hill
Gold Bar1$0.50$2000Betway
Dual Play1$0.50$15,000Unibet
American2$0.20$5000Casumo كازينو
Casumo1$1$10,000Casumo كازينو
أوتو روليت لا بارتيج1$0.10$4000Unibet
الروليت الفرنسية الذهبية1$5$10,000توتو
Speed Auto1$0.10$4000Unibet
Double Ball روليت1$0.50$4000Betway

Benefits of Evolution Roulette Games

Evolution Roulette games stand out for their unparalleled ability to create a genuinely immersive gaming atmosphere, enriched with the presence of professional live dealers. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Authentic Casino Experience with Live Dealers: Evolution takes your gaming to new heights by offering a genuine casino feel. The high-definition streaming ensures that every moment feels as real and thrilling as being at a physical casino, complete with diverse camera angles capturing the action.
  • Seamless High-Definition Streaming on Multiple Devices: Flexibility meets quality in Evolution’s live roulette offerings. Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, the games maintain their high-quality performance. This feature ensures that wherever you are, your gaming experience remains top-notch, free from the constraints of location and device type.
  • Innovative Gameplay and Exciting Bonuses: Step into a world of innovative roulette variants with Evolution. These games not only offer the traditional roulette experience but also introduce exhilarating multipliers and bonus rounds. These additions keep the gameplay dynamic and rewarding.
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What is the difference between live and online roulette?

Live Roulette immerses players in an authentic casino atmosphere by streaming games from real-life settings or studios, allowing interaction with dealers and other players via live chat. This format captures the essence of being in a casino, offering real-time gameplay and communal experiences. Conversely, the online version operates with digital graphics and outcomes determined by random number generators, facilitating a faster game pace due to the absence of waiting for others’ bets. This distinction underscores the immersive, social experience of live roulette compared to the efficiency and solitude of online variants.

ما هو Lightning Roulette؟

Introduced in 2018 by Evolution Gaming, Lightning Roulette is a unique take on the classic roulette game, integrating the traditional aspects with innovative features. It maintains the essential components of a live casino game, including a real live wheel, a professional dealer, and the wide range of betting options familiar to players. What sets the game apart is the addition of RNG Lucky Number wins in each round, enhancing the gameplay with an extra layer of excitement. In every game, between one and five Lucky Numbers are struck by lightning, providing multiplied payouts of 50x to 500x. This innovative approach, combined with a game show-style presentation and advanced sound and lighting effects, creates a distinct and thrilling experience.

Lightning Roulette Review

Lightning Roulette live casino game is played on a standard European wheel, which features 37 pockets (numbers 1 to 36, plus a single zero). Before each spin, lightning strikes 1 to 5 random numbers, assigning them enhanced payouts of up to 500x. This feature significantly differs from traditional games, offering the potential for higher rewards on straight-up bets.

🎲 Software Providerتطور
📄 النوعLive Dealer
🏆 RTP97.10% – 97.30%
⬇ الحد الأدنى للرهان$0.20
⬆ Max bet$5,000
💻 المضاعفنعم
💵 Maximum payout500 ضعف رهانك
📱 FeaturesLucky Numbers, Autoplay, Live Chat, Game Number, Game History.

Lightning Roulette RTP

The game offers a Return to Player (RTP) rate that varies slightly depending on the type of bet. For Straight Up bets, the RTP is 97.10%, while for all other betting options, such as Split, Street, Corner, Line, and outside bets, the RTP is slightly higher at 97.30%. This range places the game well within the norms for European roulette, emphasizing its appeal in terms of fair payout potential. The RTP reflects the theoretical percentage of all wagers that players might expect to win back over an extended period of play.

Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts

In this game, alongside the standard bets, players have the added excitement of Lightning Roulette Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts. After bets are placed, up to five Lucky Numbers are randomly generated, each with one of the following multipliers:

  • 50x
  • 100x
  • 150x
  • 200x
  • 250x
  • 300x
  • 350x
  • 400x
  • 500x.

These apply only to Straight Up bets on the selected numbers. Non-multiplied Straight Up bets offer a 29:1 payout, while all other bets such as splits, corners, and red/black match standard payouts. This feature introduces an electrifying twist, offering players the chance for significantly increased winnings if the ball lands on a Lucky Number they’ve bet on directly.

Lightning Roulette Odds and Payouts

The betting landscape is divided into Inside Bets, placed directly on numbers or the lines that connect them within the main grid, and Outside Bets, positioned on designated areas around the grid’s periphery. This division allows for diverse betting strategies and outcomes, enriching the game’s complexity and appeal.

Inside Betting

In this electrifying game, the inside betting system offers both traditional and unique opportunities for players. Here’s a closer look at the options available and their respective Lightning Roulette payouts.

نوع الرهانوصفسيصرف
Straight UpBet on any single number, including zero.29-499:1
ينقسمPlace your bet on the line between any two numbers, horizontally or vertically.17:1
شارعBet at the end of any row of numbers, covering three numbers.11:1
ركنBet on the central intersection where four numbers meet.8:1
خطPlace your bet at the intersection of two rows, covering six numbers.5:1

Straight-up bets in Lightning Roulette offer a payout ranging from 29 to 499 times your stake if the ball lands on a Lucky Number, significantly enhancing the excitement compared to the standard 35:1 payout. Other bets maintain the traditional roulette payout structure, allowing for a variety of betting strategies.

Outside Betting

Outside bets such as red/black, even/odd, high/low, dozens, and columns are available, similar to traditional roulette, but they don’t qualify for the game’s unique Lucky Number payouts. Here’s how these bets work and their corresponding payouts:

نوع الرهانوصفسيصرف
عمودBet on all 12 numbers in a column, excluding zero.2:1
DozenBet on 12 numbers in one of the three boxes marked “1st 12,” “2nd 12,” “3rd 12.”2:1
أحمر / أسودBet on either 18 red or 18 black numbers, excluding zero.1:1
زوجي / فرديBet on either 18 even or 18 odd numbers, excluding zero.1:1
1-18/19-36Bet on the first or second set of 18 numbers, excluding zero.1:1

Neighbour Bets

Neighbour bets allow players to wager on a chosen number as well as adjacent numbers on the Lightning Roulette wheel, enhancing the gaming strategy. To place such a bet, one selects a number on the racetrack, which automatically includes bets on its immediate neighbours. Adjusting the scope of neighbouring numbers is easily done through the interface. Each neighbour bet variation covers a unique combination of numbers on the wheel, with specific chip placements:

Bet Nameالأرقام المغطاةChips Required
Tiers du Cylindre12 numbers from 27 to 33, opposite side to zero6
Voisins du Zero17 numbers from 22 to 25, side of the wheel with zero9
Orphelins a Cheval8 numbers outside the Voisins and Tiers sections5
Jeu ZeroZero and the 6 numbers closest to it4

This system simplifies placing complex bet combinations, making it easier for players to engage with the game’s dynamics.

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What else makes Lightning Roulette so unique?

What sets this game apart is its immersive experience, combining the excitement of a game show with traditional roulette gameplay. The setting features a lavish Art Deco theme with gold and black accents, centering around the wheel in a studio that mimics a high-stakes game show environment. The live dealer, doubling as a charismatic game show host, engages players by announcing bets and activating the thrilling lightning bonus feature. Live casino Lightning Roulette captivates with its dynamic pace, offering players the chance to hit lucky numbers for up to 500x multipliers, simulating the exhilaration of a lightning strike win. In addition to Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts, the game has a number of features designed to improve the gameplay.


The Autoplay feature enhances user experience by automating bet placements over a series of rounds, from 5 to 100. Players can set their bet size and choose the duration of their play with a simple slider, allowing for uninterrupted and efficient gameplay. To activate Autoplay, bets are placed as normal, followed by selecting Autoplay and specifying the number of rounds. The system continuously updates the number of remaining rounds and the total bet amount. Autoplay proceeds until the preset rounds are completed or the player opts to stop it.

Live Сhat

The game enhances the interactive experience with its Live Chat feature, enabling real-time communication between players and the dealer. However, it’s important to use this feature respectfully; inappropriate behavior or language can lead to the suspension of chat privileges. The chat window’s size can be adjusted for convenience, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Game Number

Every round of play is distinguished by a distinct game number. This identifier not only marks the exact moment the game begins in GMT (displayed as hour:minute:second) but also streamlines the process for players to review their game history and outcomes. It’s advisable for players to note this number or capture a screenshot for future reference, especially if they need to discuss a specific game round with Customer Service.

Game History

To enhance their strategy and analyze gameplay, players have the option to review their past gaming activities through a dedicated feature. By clicking the “HISTORY” button, a detailed display of all previously played game rounds, including outcomes, is accessible. This feature is divided into:

  • ACCOUNT HISTORY, offering a chronological list of all gaming interactions, from bets placed to payouts received,
  • GAME HISTORY, which focuses on the specific details of individual game sessions selected from the main list.

This comprehensive view allows players to refine their approach based on previous performance.

الاختلافات بين Lightning Roulette و Classic Roulette

The distinct appeal of Lightning Roulette game over traditional roulette stems from its innovative RNG Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts feature, which elevates the excitement with the possibility of significantly increased payouts. Moreover, its visual and sound effects infuse the game with a dynamic and thrilling ambiance absent in classic version.

ميزةLightning Rouletteروليت كلاسيك
Payout for Straight-Up BetUp to 499:1 for lucky numbers, 29:1 for regularAlways 36:1
Payout PotentialOffers a maximum payout of 500 times the betCapped at 35 times the bet
Betting FlexibilityUnlimited betting options with added multipliersConfined to traditional bets
Strategic PlayAllows for strategies focusing on numbers with multipliersStrategy revolves around classic betting approaches

Lightning Roulette Pros and Cons

Lightning Roulette stands out for blending traditional roulette excitement with thrilling modern twists. Here’s a succinct overview of its strengths and areas for consideration:


  • Significantly boosted payouts for straight-up bets via the Lucky Numbers and Payouts, enhancing the thrill.
  • A deeply engaging atmosphere is achieved with superior video and sound quality, alongside interactive elements like live chat and detailed game history.
  • With the flexibility of various betting strategies thanks to no betting limits.


  • Regular straight-up bets offer lower returns unless they hit Lucky Numbers, which might deter some.
  • The game’s reliance on special features and faster pace may not suit traditionalists or those preferring slower gameplay.
  • A minimum bet requirement of $0.20 might exceed the preference for lower stakes among certain players.

Lightning Roulette Hack Software

It’s vital to acknowledge that attempting to use hacking software to manipulate outcomes in online casino games, like Lightning Roulette, is against the terms of service, unethical, and potentially illegal. Evolution Gaming, a reputable provider, ensures their games are protected with RNG technology for fairness. Players should instead concentrate on understanding the game, managing their funds wisely, and appreciating the game’s special features. Adopting good security habits, such as utilizing strong passwords and steering clear of public Wi-Fi during play, contributes to a secure and enjoyable gaming environment.

Lightning Roulette bet on all numbers

Other Lightning Games From Evolution

If Lightning Roulette online casino game ignites your enthusiasm, Evolution’s arsenal of live dealer and slot games has electrifying experiences in store. Catering to a wide array of preferences, they offer a diversified collection of Lightning games, among others, designed to captivate every kind of player.

لعبةRTP (%)وصف
Lightning Blackjack99.56Dive into the blackjack excitement with added electrifying multipliers for hand values between 4 to 21. Secure a Lightning multiplier by clinching a win in the round.
Lightning Baccarat98.76Prepare for a charged experience with up to five Lightning cards each round, multiplying wins up to 8x with a Lightning card, in the timeless player vs. banker game.
XXXtreme Lightning Roulette97.30Elevate your roulette with up to 10 Lightning numbers and potential wins up to 2,000x. Double strikes further amplify Lightning numbers with additional multipliers.
Lightning Dice96.57A distinctive dice game drawing from Sic Bo’s essence, simplified and boosted with multipliers. Dice outcomes can attract multipliers, especially the rare 3 and 18 outcomes, promising up to 1000x your bet.
Lightning Lotto96.08Revolutionizing traditional lottery, this game enhances rounds with multipliers for a chance to win up to 1,00,000 times your bet. Lightning strikes on one or two numbers apply up to a 10x multiplier, with double lightning numbers doubling the effect.


Lightning Roulette by Evolution stands out as a distinctive blend of live dealer interaction and RNG gameplay, offering a unique twist to the classic roulette. It incorporates special features like Lucky Numbers for potentially higher payouts, while maintaining core roulette elements. This game exemplifies Evolution’s innovation, appealing to a wide range of players with its mix of traditional gameplay and modern enhancements. Its success lies in its ability to offer an engaging, immersive experience that diverges from conventional roulette without losing the essence of the game.


Is Evolution Roulette rigged?

No, Evolution Gaming, a reputable provider, ensures Lightning Roulette's integrity. Its RNG system undergoes rigorous third-party testing for unbiased outcomes.

What's the Return to Player (RTP) for Lightning Roulette?

The game boasts an optimal RTP of 97.30%, offering players a favorable chance of winning.

What can you win max on Lightning Roulette?

Striking a Lucky Number with a 500x multiplier dramatically increases your winnings. A $1 bet could yield a thrilling $500 return.

Can I check the game history?

Indeed, the game features a built-in statistics tracker. Access past game data, including hot numbers and recent winners, through the stats button for up to 500 spins. Adjust the display range with the slider for specific insights.

Is mobile gameplay available for Lightning Roulette?

Yes, the game is designed for seamless mobile play, allowing you to enjoy the exhilarating live casino experience anytime, anywhere.

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