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In this article, we’ll explore whether it’s truly possible to win a roulette using the 11×11 streets method. With a 21-fold stop loss on paper. This method boasts a 99.9% winning chance with a mere 0.1% risk of loss. But is it true? Is it unbeatable?

Let’s Talk About The 11×11 Streets Roulette Strategy

There is a safer way to regain losses with a very cool variation called 11-by1 streets method. And, today, we’re going to talk about exactly that.

We’re going to set up a stop loss, that precisely allows for two 11-fold setbacks, boasting a win rate of 99.9%. But is it truly unbeatable? Let’s see it in action. Before moving on, I wanted to quickly remind you that playing in unlicensed online casinos is risky and can lead to serious legal and financial consequences. Not only is it sometimes illegal to play in casinos that don’t have the necessary certifications in your country.

️ How To Avoid Scams And Where To Play Safely

Playing in licensed casinos can have drawbacks such as unfair payouts, fraudulent activities, and rigged games. These casinos may intentionally make you lose and put your hard-earned money at risk. Moreover, since these entities are often located in tax havens and can disappear overnight, there is no way to recover your funds.

To mitigate these risks, we strongly recommend playing only in certified online casinos that are licensed and regulated by reputable international gambling agencies. Many of these casinos offer free money and free spins to new players. We have compiled a comparison of these bonuses for your convenience. If you want to play with peace of mind, we highly recommend choosing one of these safe brands.

Today, I will be playing a specific roulette game called European roulette from Evolution Gaming. This game has a crucial feature that we will need. It allows us to save bets.

As I am currently in Europe, I will be playing on a European casino and betting with euros. However, you can use any currency in your country as long as you are playing on a certified casino. Let’s get started. Here we are at our roulette table.

Roulette Strategy Explained And Gameplay

To achieve a high winning percentage, I need to account for two consecutive 11-fold setbacks. Therefore, I must begin with a small stake of exactly 10 cents and a substantial balance of €1.14630, which allows for these two setbacks. I place 10 cents on each set of three numbers, known as a street bet, covering 33 out of 37 numbers and providing an immediate winning chance of 89%.

To avoid resetting the stake every time, I save it as a favorite named “1110 cents.” This is why I prefer this roulette for this strategy. After winning a 10 cent profit, I realize I forgot to place my bet and quickly rectify the oversight. Upon a loss, we increase our stake 11-fold on each set of three, placing €110 on each street, totaling €1210. This brings back our 89% winning chance at the first setback. If we win, we recover our initial loss. I save this bet as a favorite named “11. €1 and1.”

After securing €1,320 and making a profit of €110 (the amount lost in the previous round), we revert back to our base bet of 10 cents per set of three and load the saved bet. Most of the time, we naturally win on the first spin, around 89% of the time. However, we only gain 10 cents per spin, betting a total of €110 and making back €120. This minimal return is considering the budget of €1,146 and the effort required to make just 10 cents per spin. Nevertheless, this is the price we pay for such high winning odds. We have an 89% chance of winning on the first spin and a 10.8% chance of losing in that 10% bet, which has an 89% chance of recovering our losses.

The probability of experiencing two consecutive losses is approximately 1.86%. With our current budget, we can even handle a third setback. In the event of a second setback, we will increase the bet to €110 for each set of three, while still maintaining an 89% chance of winning. This means there is only a 0.12% chance of losing three times in a row, resulting in a 99.87% probability of winning with two setbacks. It’s truly a fascinating system, isn’t it?

However, there are some crucial points to discuss. Firstly, the chance of loss, although low at 0.12%, is not zero. While it is rare to encounter a loss, it can still happen over the long run. The risk is significant considering the substantial amounts being gambled.

Secondly, winning just 10 cents per spin results in a very slow increase in balance. If I were playing with €1 instead of 10 cents, the budget would only be enough for one setback, and the probability of winning would decrease to 98.84%.

Now, let’s speed up the gameplay and see what unfolds. After about 7 minutes of playtime, I reached €11 and3, making a clean 5, which means I made less than €1 per minute. It’s evident that with this method and a base stake of 10 cents, winnings accumulate slowly. The looming risk of having to bet €133 just to recover one is always present, although very rare.

Pros And Cons Of This Strategy

Pros and Cons of the 11x11 Streets Roulette Strategy

In my opinion, I’m unsure if it’s worth allowing two consecutive setbacks instead of just one, as mentioned earlier. If we play with a base bet of 1 euro and allow only one setback, this round would have yielded a profit of €50 instead of just five. Even if we use the same initial budget, our probability of losing would only decrease by about 1%, which is not a significant amount.


In my opinion, this method is clever and enjoyable to play. However, it also comes with inherent risks. Therefore, it doesn’t seem logical to me to earn 10 times less in the short term for a mere 1% increase in the chance of winning.

The ideal balance between risk and reward is to minimize setbacks to only one. By doing so, we have the potential to earn ten times more money than before. However, it’s important to acknowledge that individual preferences may vary. Personally, I find this method highly effective. It is crucial to be mindful of the associated risks while also enjoying the process. What are your thoughts on this system? Feel free to share in the comments below, and I will respond to everyone to the best of my ability.

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