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Welcome to the enthralling realm of Evolution Roulette! This guide delves into the captivating array of live roulette experiences crafted by Evolution Gaming, a forefront innovator in live casino play. We’ll explore the array of popular games, contrast the nuances between live and digital roulette, highlight distinctive attributes, and share tactics to enhance your gaming journey.

Company History and Information

Evolution Gaming, established in 2006, has emerged as a prominent force in the realm of live casino gaming and solutions. Renowned for its commitment to innovation and high-quality offerings, Evolution has consistently garnered accolades, notably securing the EGR Live Casino Supplier of the Year award for an impressive 11 years in a row. Originating in Sweden, the company has expanded its global footprint, setting up offices across various nations, including Malta, Georgia, and the USA. This expansion reflects its influential role in shaping the live casino gaming industry.

Evolution Roulette: Discover the Thrilling World of Live Gaming

Evolution stands at the forefront in the realm of live casino entertainment, with its most acclaimed offering being roulette. Evolution has created a huge number of roulette variations. These variations are presented in diverse languages, styles, and play speeds, catering to a wide range of preferences.

At the core of Evolution’s portfolio is a consistent element: each game is intricately crafted, merging the allure of a physical roulette table with the advantages of digital gameplay. Evolution’s innovative approach to viewing options and camera angles enhances the visual appeal. The experience is further enriched by the presence of skilled and professional croupiers. 

It’s also worth noting that these games are available on a variety of devices including tablets, smartphones and computers.

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All Evolution Online Roulette Games

What are the most popular Evolution Roulette games available?

Here’s the full list:

Evolution Roulette GameZero SectorsMin BetMax BetAvailable at
First Person1$0.50$5000BET365
First Person American2$1$5000TOTO
First Person Lightning1$0.20$500Betway
Lightning Roulette1$0.20$10,000BET365
XXXTreme Lightning Roulette1$0.20$5000William Hill
Immersive1$1$10,000William Hill
Gold Bar1$0.50$2000Betway
Dual Play1$0.50$15,000Unibet
American2$0.20$5000Casumo Casino
Casumo1$1$10,000Casumo Casino
Auto-Roulette La Partage1$0.10$4000Unibet
French Roulette Gold1$5$10,000TOTO
Speed Auto1$0.10$4000Unibet
Double Ball Roulette1$0.50$4000Betway

Lightning Roulette: A high-voltage gaming experience

Evolution Lightning Roulette revolutionizes traditional gameplay by infusing it with electrifying lightning multipliers and a dynamic game show vibe. This innovative version enhances the excitement as the wheel spins, where lightning randomly targets between one to five numbers. These selected numbers then receive substantial payout boosts with multipliers varying from 50x to an astounding 500x, adding an exhilarating edge to the classic roulette experience.

Immersive Roulette: Engaging gameplay with stunning visuals

Immersive Roulette revolutionizes online gaming by providing an unmatched experience with its high-definition streaming and varied camera perspectives. This game uniquely incorporates slow-motion replays, enabling participants to observe the ball settling on the winning number as it happens, mimicking the exhilarating atmosphere of a physical casino.

French Roulette: Classic casino entertainment with a twist

To cater to enthusiasts of traditional casino games, French Roulette emerges as an ideal selection. This variant showcases the genuine layout of a French Roulette table and introduces exclusive wagering options like Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelins. The game is enhanced with a live dealer feature and an interactive chat function, providing a deeply engaging and true-to-life casino atmosphere.

What is the difference between live and online roulette?

Live Roulette delivers a true-to-life gaming environment that mirrors the excitement of a physical casino. This game enables players to engage with both live dealers and fellow participants via an interactive live chat feature. It offers the thrill of participating in live rounds, broadcasted straight from either a specialized roulette studio or an actual casino.

In contrast, online roulette games miss out on this live, interactive element. These games are powered by computer-generated imagery and use a random number generator to decide each spin’s outcome. They often move at a quicker pace since players aren’t required to wait for others to place their bets.

So, what sets Evolution Gaming Live Roulette apart in the realm of live roulette? Evolution Gaming has been recognized with several accolades, such as the Global Gaming Awards, owing to its exceptional quality of live casino games and the introduction of novel features. Opting for Evolution Live Roulette means choosing a premier gaming experience that comes with professional live dealers, captivating visuals, and a variety of unique gaming options.

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How to choose the best Evolution Roulette table for your preferences?

If you’re new to Roulette Evolution Gaming, start with the classic variations such as American, European, or French. These games offer a familiar betting grid and rules, making it easier to learn the basics of roulette gameplay. You can then move on to the many original and innovative variations of the game with greater confidence and diversify your experience .

Enjoy different versions of classic roulette

Evolution Gaming presents a diverse array of roulette options, including American, European, and French styles. Each variant comes with a distinct betting layout and set of regulations, designed to appeal to a variety of player tastes. To enhance your gaming experience, select the variant that aligns most closely with your preferred playing approach and betting style.

Double Ball Roulette and Double Play Roulette: Don’t get confused

Double Ball Roulette and Dual Play Roulette are two distinctive Evolution games that infuse an exciting twist into the classic roulette experience. In the Double Ball version, two balls spin around the wheel, offering additional betting options and enhancing the potential for wins. Meanwhile, the Dual Play version merges the online and live casino worlds by allowing online players to partake in games happening in real brick-and-mortar casinos, effectively blurring the line between live and online gaming.

Speed Roulette: Fast-paced gameplay for busy players

To accommodate players who enjoy a brisker gaming rhythm, Speed Roulette and Speed Auto Roulette present excellent alternatives. These variants feature swift rounds that conclude in a mere 25 seconds. They’re tailor-made for gamers seeking to amplify their wagering prospects within a constrained timeframe.

Instant Roulette: For those who like to control their time

The uniqueness of this game lies in its focus on the player’s timing preferences for wagering. It allows players the freedom to take as much time as needed to contemplate their bets, ensuring they feel fully confident before pressing the ‘Play Now’ button. When a decision is made, the game cleverly selects the most appropriate of its 12 synchronized Auto wheels, based on the timing of the ball drop, for that specific bet. For those seeking a quicker pace, there’s an option to hit ‘REBET’, which swiftly moves them to the next round, maintaining their previous bet.

Evolution live roulette game

Benefits of Evolution Roulette Games

Evolution Roulette games stand out for their unparalleled ability to create a genuinely immersive gaming atmosphere, enriched with the presence of professional live dealers. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Authentic Casino Experience with Live Dealers: Evolution takes your gaming to new heights by offering a genuine casino feel. The high-definition streaming ensures that every moment feels as real and thrilling as being at a physical casino, complete with diverse camera angles capturing the action.
  • Seamless High-Definition Streaming on Multiple Devices: Flexibility meets quality in Evolution’s live roulette offerings. Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, the games maintain their high-quality performance. This feature ensures that wherever you are, your gaming experience remains top-notch, free from the constraints of location and device type.
  • Innovative Gameplay and Exciting Bonuses: Step into a world of innovative roulette variants with Evolution. These games not only offer the traditional roulette experience but also introduce exhilarating multipliers and bonus rounds. These additions keep the gameplay dynamic and rewarding.

Best Strategies for Playing Evolution Roulette Games

Roulette games require a blend of skill, strategy, and responsible play. Here are key approaches to enhance your gaming experience and potential success:

  • Grasping the Fundamentals: Begin by comprehending the essence of roulette wagers and their probabilities. Familiarize yourself with the betting grid, learning the nuances of inside and outside bets. This foundational knowledge is vital for making informed decisions during the game.
  • Principled Play: It’s paramount to manage your funds wisely and set definitive limits. Allocate a predetermined amount for your gaming sessions and strictly adhere to it. This approach helps maintain control over your spending, ensuring you play within your financial comfort zone. Remember, knowing when to cease playing, irrespective of your winning or losing status, is a sign of a prudent player.
  • Advanced Techniques: After getting comfortable with the basic elements of Evolution Roulette and cultivating a habit of responsible gaming, you might want to delve into more sophisticated strategies and betting systems. Methods like the Martingale or Fibonacci system can potentially enhance your chances. However, always bear in mind that these strategies do not guarantee a win. It’s crucial to bet within your financial boundaries and accept that losses are a part of the game.


Evolution Gaming presents a diverse array of captivating live roulette options, each designed to accommodate a range of tastes and financial plans. Familiarizing oneself with the various types of games, their distinct characteristics, and effective tactics can significantly elevate your playing experience. This paves the way for not only heightened enjoyment but also improved odds of success. Dive into the pinnacle of live casino entertainment with Evolution Roulette.

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How many varieties of Evolution Roulette Games Exist in Online Casinos?

Online casinos offer a wide selection of over 20 Evolution Roulette games. Each variant has its own distinctive features such as multilingual dealers, random number generation elements or additional wagering options.

Why Do Players Favor Immersive Roulette, and What Makes It Distinct?

Evolution's Immersive Roulette garners popularity for its superior streaming quality, varied camera perspectives, and slow-motion replay features. This immersive experience enables players to closely follow the ball's movement and its final resting place on the wheel, heightening the thrill of the game.

What Sets Evolution Gaming's Double Ball Roulette Apart?

Evolution Gaming introduces an innovative twist with Double Ball Roulette, releasing two balls simultaneously during play. This variation not only enhances betting possibilities but also presents opportunities for increased payouts.

What are the key features of Evolution Gaming's Speed Roulette?

Speed Roulette by Evolution is tailored for rapid play, with rounds lasting just 25 seconds. Dealers spin the ball while bets are being placed, enabling around 80 games per hour. This rapid pace appeals to players seeking a quicker game rhythm.

What are the benefits of Automatic Roulette Over Traditional Dealer Roulette?

Automatic Roulette features an automated mechanism for spinning the wheel and launching the ball, eliminating the need for a dealer. This results in a quicker game pace and constant availability, making it a preferred choice for uninterrupted play.

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